a cup for me, a cup for you

Sunday, August 5, 2018

What is it about that first cup of coffee in the morning? It is sacred for obvious reasons, but also the comfort and familiarity it brings in those early bits of morning are beyond compare. Clumsily making my way to the coffee pot and counting my scoops even though I don’t realize I am while my mind is on other things. Waiting for the pot to finish, I usually tidy up the kitchen, get Everett some milk (he is my early bird), and maybe turn on some music. By the time the pot is finished, I am ready with my favorite mug, cream already poured into the bottom of the cup. And before the pot even has time to chime at me that it is done, my mug is filled and already blending to create my favorite cup. On the weekends this is what it is usually like. I sit on the sofa and write my to-do list for that day while enjoying every sip. 

I might change a diaper or calm a tired bub, but I’m not ready to make a big breakfast yet or clean up any big messes or much of anything until after that first cup is gone. It is a good arrangement, I think.

Some days I opt for porch swinging and pondering instead. If I’m craving fresh air or I’m just not ready to commit to that to-do list just yet. Is there anything better than pouring a cup of cold brew over ice on a warm, sunny morning. Like Chief Jim Hopper says “mornings are for coffee and contemplation” (one of my very favorite quotes).

What I’ve come to realize is that as much as a working mother of two needs coffee (which let me tell you, is a lot) my love of coffee is also ritualistic. It is comfort, it is cozy, it is warm, it is home. It is the most delectable treat after a long night waking up to care for babies (and puppies) or getting lost in my own anxious thoughts. And while each first morning cup might look different depending on the day or the mood, it always brings me the comfort and rhythm that I crave.

And while I love to experiment with different flavors and blends of coffee, especially as the seasons change, I always come back to Cameron Coffee's Highlander Grog with a splash of French Vanilla creamer. It is my go-to, my old stand by, and it never disappoints.

In fact, I am off to grab my first cup of the day right. now.

xx Chelsea

This post is sponsored by Cameron's Coffee. All thoughts are my own.