little baby basics

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This post is sponsored by Carter's; however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

This guy is just so excited to check out every nook and cranny of our new house. He has to open every door, find every closet and test out the porch swing just about every day. Watching him explore his new world is such a joy. And while we still miss our old home tremendously, I can already envision our babies growing into young children here and bringing new babies home to this house, fresh from the hospital.

A new baby brings so much joy into your home... like the scent of their baby soft skin, coos and giggles, smiles in their sleep and late night cuddle sessions. They also bring itty, bitty, little baby clothes. I love nothing more than washing and organizing a dresser full of fresh, clean baby clothes. Can't you just smell it? It is one of my favorite things to do when I'm pregnant and anxiously awaiting new little fingers and toes. Admittedly it is not quite as fun when that baby is one and a half and I'm constantly scrubbing away spaghetti stains and smashed on peanut butter, but still I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Something that has been really special for me as a mother the second time around is dressing Everett in his sister's hand me down's. We did not find out the gender for either of our babies when I was pregnant, so we have a surplus of gender neutral baby clothes. Watching him toddle around the house wearing a onesie that I so vividly remember cuddling baby Lorelai in just does something to my heart. It is so comforting and familiar. So special.

And while there have been so, so many differences between my two babies, my affection for simple, basic baby clothes has not changed. Carter's has always been our go-to for tees, bodysuits, jammies, you name it, because of their simplicity, style, comfort, and of course, darling designs. Their new Little Baby Basics collection is a compilation of some of our most well-loved styles, including the classic white side-snap tee, white onesies and sleeveless bodysuits (a summer must have). Plus tons of darling sleepers and outfits in the sweetest patterns.

Perhaps my favorite look is the Carter's classic white side-snap tee with a pair of jeans. I mean, it does not get any cuter than this classic look. I have similar photos of Lorelai at this age wearing this exact same outfit. Such a treasure. I love the comfort and familiarity that these clothes bring for us.

A new baby truly changes everything. And each baby brings its own beautiful challenges into your world. I love that I can rely on the comfort and simplicity of Carter's every step of the way. From that fresh-scented, cuddly newborn to a dirty, bruised, rambunctious little person.

Carter's has generously offered a 20% off coupon for my readers! I hope you love and treasure these sweet, simple pieces as much as we do.

Now.... someone talk my baby fever down from the ledge, okay? :)