packing our hospital bags

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

it's that time! well actually, i'm a little late (especially considering we had a false alarm at the hospital last week!) but hey, at least i am getting them packed, right? after lugging three full bags with us, among other things, to the hospital when my water broke with lorelai, i desperately tried to simplify what we would need this time around. i still have a very vivid visual of brian running through the hospital doors, after he dropped me off and parked, with a big bag in each hand and one strapped on his back as my water spilled all over the hospital lobby. oh dear, first time parents syndrome. it helped me a lot this time to remember how much i appreciated little comforts of home during our stay and how many other things sat in our bags untouched, so i am hopeful that my packing list is a little more simplified and on point with what we will need and want this time. below is a list of pretty much everything that we have packed and ready to go, including links to our favorite goodies for both baby and mama during this newborn/postpartum stage.

for baby's bag:
- lily jade co bag
- a cozy, warm blanket
- a couple of muslin swaddle blankets
- a paci
- solly wrap (to use for baby wearing + as a nursing cover)
- a couple of outfits (some knit jumpers, some footie pants and little kimono shirts and some festive holiday sleepers)
- teeny white socks
- scratch mittens
- a hat (the same one that lorelai wore home from the hospital)
- several bonnets (because baby bonnets make my heart explode into tiny pieces)
- butt balm + baby lotion
- a few prefold gerber cloth diapers (for burp cloths)
- approved car seat + car seat cover
- a few teeny diapers + wipes
- baby book (same one that we have for lorelai)

for mama's bag:
- tote bag from the jones market
- a hospital gown (because the ones they give you are just awful; i love the story behind james fox co)
- a comfy robe
- slippers
- a couple pairs of wool socks
-toiletries (hair ties, bobby pins, toothbrush, dry shampoo, deodorant, hair brush, moisturizer, lip salve, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body balm, face towelettes, makeup, contact solution, glasses, always pads, etc)
- nipple butter
- loose fitting tops
- a big, comfy sweater
- leggings + yoga pants
- many pairs of underwear
- nursing bras + tanks
- button down pjs
- nursing pads (i like the cloth, washable ones)
- boppy pillow
- pillow from home
- coconut oil
- hot water bottle
- laptop + charger
- camera + charger
- a family photo for by my bed (there is just something special about having one actually printed with me)
- oily birth kit + diffuser

for lorelai's bag:
- travel crib
- clothes + pajamas
- her bunny + blankie
- paci (and backup pacis)
- sippy cup
- diapers + wipes
- butt balm
- hair brush
- sound machine
- snacks
-toothbrush + toothpaste
- first aid kit (tylenol, ibuprofen, syringes, thermometer, neosporin, bandaids, owie roller bottle essential oils blend, tummygize essential oil)
- ipad
- a couple of favorite books + toys
- frozen stickers (that i threw in as a surprise)
- recordable story book (i got this one and recorded my voice reading it to her her so that mama can still read her a bed time story every night. please don't ask me how much i cried while doing this...)
- a family photo for her too (she loves pointing us all out in photographs)

my oily birth kit:
- peace & calming (for diffusing in our room)
- gentle baby (i plan to diffuse this during our initial bonding time together)
- lemon (to drink with water for swelling)
- joy (for my wrists and over my heart to combat baby blues and a general mood booster)
- fennel (to take with a spoonful of honey for boosting milk supply)
- geranium (for healing)
- peppermint (for nausea)
- V6 (for diluting, massaging)
- thieves (for killing germs)
- valor (for aches & pains)
- tranquil roll on (for calming)
- stress away roll on (enough said)
- deep relief roll on (for everything)
- ningxia red (for energy)

it still seems surreal that in less than a week we will have another baby in our family. i'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around what that will be like and also so, so curious what this new little one will be like. we can't wait to meet you baby!