all the fall things

Friday, October 2, 2015

i don't know about you, but we have been having some serious dreamy fall weather here in the midwest and it has been G L O R I O U S. i am so giddy about it. we've busted out all the fall candles, favorite sweaters and scarves and pumpkiny things. mums welcome us home on the front porch and pumpkins have all but taken over our stoop.

snuggling up by the fireplace while sipping a hot mug of tea. sliding around the chilled hardwood floors in thick, cozy wool socks. listening to a crackling record and reading an old book. you've got mail viewings on repeat and leaf collections hand-picked by a curious toddler strewn about the house. and there is something just so special about being pregnant in the fall. slouchy sweaters accented by my protruding baby belly and stealing tastes of the soup for dinner out of the crockpot all dang day. it just doesn't get any better than that.

holy moly, do i love this season.

i couldn't resist a little roundup of some of my very favorite fall things because fall is just toooooo good.

[bag: elizabeth in brandy by lily jade; stroller: uppababy vista]

ankle boots and clogs galore | collection of jones market necklaces | blanket scarves | slouchy sweaters | favorite fall oils like clove and orange diffusing throughout the house | throw blankets | all the books | leaf collecting | converse high tops (until my feet swell) | big, roomy bags | our little fake fireplace | teeny, tiny knitted baby sweaters | walks in the crunchy leaves | coffee | coffee | coffee | cardigans | my favorite sam edelman boots | buttermilk pies | pot pies | any pies, really | visits to the library | strolls through the neighborhood | sleeping with the window cracked open and cuddling so close under the covers | white pumpkins | moccasins | hot apple cider | cozy slippers | apple picking | pumpkin spice lattes | wool socks | slow cooker dinners | warm candles

i couldn't possibly love this season anymore. fall bucket list, consider yourself complete.