dusting off the cobwebs

Friday, June 12, 2015

I guess I took a little break from the blog. It wasn't intentional, but I think it was needed. Sometimes the need just isn't there and my time is better spent elsewhere... like brushing my daughter's hair or splashing in the pool with her.

Breaks are important.

But time and time again I am drawn back here, to this little space of mine. What started as a newlywed diary and has since documented many adventures, pregnancies, losses, anniversaries, concerts, one tree hill episodes and huge life changes.

I like this little blog of mine.

Things around here have been very good and busy. Also overwhelming at times and flooded with constant reminders of just how very lucky we are. To have our health and each other and this world. We have been spending our time together and mostly...

Savoring fresh flowers and afternoon naps.

Turning 30.

Making building plans for our chicken coop. (We're going to get chickens next year!)

Wearing rain boots every chance we get.

Taking endless amounts of photographs of Lorelai and laughing at her constantly and always admiring every little thing that she does like a couple of fools in love.

Watching really good movies like Interstellar and Wild and old episodes of Parenthood and Bates Motel.

Switching our bedroom with Lorelai's because we are crazy, but mostly because Lorelai needs the big room for all of her things and space to run wild and really all we need is a gigantic bed and a tv. And secretly I absolutely love our new cozy little bedroom filled with just a gigantic bed and a tv.

We've also been making crafty things and perfecting pout faces.

And bathing.

And cuddling all the live long day while the sickness passes our bodies.

Listening to all sorts of good tunes, like In The Valley Below, Passion Pit and Matt & Kim.

Road tripping for deep dish pizza, Ikea hauls and Trader Joes.

Not wearing pants.

More naps.

Oiling like a bunch of crazy hippie oilers because we are.

Reading any chance we get and drinking all the lemonade.

Couch potato-ing when the weather is gloomy.

And adventuring outside when it's not.

Hunting for eggs and washing the new car an awful lot.

Simplifying our home and wearing floral crowns like a boss.

Taking down gallery walls (like everyone told us we would) and doing big financial, adult things.

Planning summer adventures and autumn ones too.

Climbing on top of everything and playing until we literally can't play anymore.

Tending to our flower friends.

Contemplating that big girl bed soon.

Showing her everything.

Exploring farmer's market.

Running wild and free.

Taking after her mama in many ways.

Lounging and splashing in the kiddie pool every chance we get.

Enjoying all of the delectable treats that summer has to offer.

And many, many other wonderful adventures like picking wild flowers, tea parties and car rides.

Some other stuff too, but since this list is already far too long, we will skip right to...

Growing a new, tiny baby!

So many new adventures are on the horizon and I look forward to sharing them here with you in this special little place.

See you soon!