memorial day

This weekend we hit 80s for the first time and wow, does it feel like summer. 'Twas wonderful. Three whole days of family time and sun-shiney afternoons and relaxing to our hearts content. We spent our weekend....

barbequing // taking naps // drinking iced coffees // reading lorelai books // taking pictures // laying in the grass // cuddling // eating an entire watermelon // thrifting // picnicing at our favorite park // driving around scoping out neighborhoods and houses we like // feeding lorelai her first foods.. sweet potatoes! // making crepes // going out for ice cream // babywearing // feeding guinness ice cream cones // watching bates motel // wearing sun hats // grilling pineapples // discovering lanes and places named lorelei //

This summer is going to be so amazing.

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Joi said...

Your pictures are magical. The essence and aura you capture is perfect! xoxox