lorelai : two months

Friday, February 21, 2014

How is it possible that this little love has been in our lives for two months already? The days with her fly by and each one brings with it new quirks and traits. She is so special and amuses us constantly with little things that I'm sure only we think are so adorable. But seriously though, she does the most adorable things. At two months old, Lorelai...

//still loves bath time
//especially taking baths with mom in the tub
//is finally steadily gaining weight after lots and lots of work
//weighed 7lbs 14oz at her two month checkup
//measured 21 inches long at her two month checkup
//has happy time between 4 and 7pm almost every day
//hates the "snot sucker" with a passion
//loves her dad's singing
//loves cruising in her stroller
//makes a distinct face and her eyes water when she pees
//likes to listen to birdy on the record player
//sleeps best on mommy & daddy's chests
//loves to talk and giggle and laugh at us

She fills my heart up more and more every single day.