37 weeks (full term!)

Monday, December 2, 2013

i can't believe that it's december. i can't believe that i am 37 weeks pregnant. i can't believe that i am considered full term now. i can't believe that we will meet this little babe in just a few short weeks! this time of year is so magical and i just feel like everything is amplified inside of me because of this little babe. it is all happening and it is happening now. i am relishing in absolutely every moment.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 37 weeks.

baby is the size of: watermelon! (6.5-7 pounds).

movement: still a lot of slow rolling and some really active moments of kicking if i've eaten something sweet (which is a lot lately). baby tends to curl up on one side a lot now which is extremely neat and weird at the same time.

miss anything: sushi and functioning with less hormones.

cravings: pretzel bites from the place in the mall with cheddar cheese dip have been everything to me. i am not even kidding when i say that brian is getting me some right at this very moment. yummmmmm. also ice cream of all kinds. can't get enough ice cream.

symptoms: general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, carpal tunnel, backaches, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn. , indigestion, bleeding gums, sciatica pain, constant peeing, migraines with auras... you can see why i miss functioning with less hormones, eh?

showing: my belly keeps growing and growing and growing. i am so proud of it. i am already missing the fact that i know i won't have it much longer.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off. really, really need to take them off.

best moment this week: had an ultrasound to confirm that baby is head down and ready to come out!!! soooooo crazy that we are here at this point. and it was amazing to see that what we thought was a butt was really a butt in there. :)

we love you so much little bub and can't wait to meet you!!