more little things.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

+ the smell that the lilac bush in our backyard sends rushing through the house.
+ listening to a ton of caitlin rose lately.
+ and songs from nashville.
+ and the song below on repeat.
+ creating a budget and actually working to stick to it for once.

^^^^^do you see him in that sweater?!?!^^^

+ seeing the great gatsby in the theater with my family on mother's day.
+ leo owning the great gatsby and being so thrilled that the adaptation lived up to the book. tenfold.
+ carey mulligan everything.

+ one more treatment in G's chemotherapy protocol and then we are done!
+ finally enjoying spring-like weather on a consistent schedule.
+ reading. a lot.
+ the honest life is really sticking with me.

now it's off to farmer's market with the family & to take photos of some cute little toddlers on this sunny saturday.
which now that i think about it, can also be added to this list.

happy weekend! Xxo