recent ramblings.

Monday, April 16, 2012


kellan cuddles and g snuggles.
fro yo shops and one tree hill quotes.
ravens and evenings with friends. and dogs.
all the one tree hill memorabilia i can get my hands on.
tulips and nap time.
grandpa smirks and endings.
squishes and ranunculus.
random store sobs and giant campfires.
goodbyes and good daylight.
saying goodbye forever and cherishing the memories.

to go along with the endings and goodbyes,
new ventures have begun too.
and even though there are holes in my heart that can never be filled.....
"life doesn't stop for any body."

today was my first day at my new workplace
and i am getting excited for this new adventure.
i think i'm going to like it there.

until next time, loves.



Katy LaRoo said...

Kellan is looking great! I love his chubby cheeks!! Hope he's doing well. Is he home yet?