Been A While....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things have been CRAZY busy for us lately, thus why no posting in such a long time. I will try to get better about that. =o) Since October, I have had to travel to Seattle, WA for work. As hard as it was to leave my boys yet again, Seattle is an absolutely gorgeous city and I cannot wait to go back. Although I was only there for a few days, I managed to see quite a bit of the city.

The gorgeous space needle.
View of downtown Seattle at night from the Space Needle..

Pike Place Fish Market:

After returning home from Seattle, things are finally starting to go back to normal for us. We have spent a lot of weekends with friends.... up in Wisconsin visiting Andrew & Stacey, tailgaiting at the Hawks games, and of course spending much of our time with Guinness. He is getting so big now!!! 15 pounds at his last vet visit.

Here we are tailgating at the Magic Bus:

And here is Brian with the Miller High Life dude that we met:

And us girls getting ready to go out:

This past weekend we of course celebrated Thanksgiving. We had a lovely time visiting with family and eating loads of turkey. And keeping with our Day-After Thanksgiving tradition we got our Christmas tree on Friday and set out all of our Christmas decor. We got most of the lights done outside too, we just have a few to finish up! So we are definitely in the Christmas mood now!

We also added a new member to the family over the weekend. Yes you heard right.... our new 50 inch plasma tv, that is!! Yes it is ginormous! We have wanted to get a new tv since the wedding with the gift card that the groomsmen gave us, but were waiting for a good deal. So now we have it. Complete with all the bells & whistles... PS3, HD, and I'm sure many other acronyms. And since we had the new tv all hooked up on Saturday and everyone was in town for Thanksgiving, we had to have a get-together at the house. Don't ask me how the girls managed to get the new plasma to play Scene It and the boys were watching the football game on the tiny tv in the kitchen!! Works for me. =o)

Hopefully I can charge the camera tonight and get some new pictures posted of the tv and of course our Christmas decorations ASAP!

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