Wednesday, March 18, 2009

01. valspar paint.
02. my husband doing the dishes.
03. dinners with my amazing friends.
04. birthday presents.
05. getting urban outfitters' new catalog in the mail.
06. and pretending that I can get whatever I want.
07. shower curtains with ruffles.
08. finding a very cool copy of my favorite book.
09. for $6.
10. our veterinarian.
11. ham+cheese omelets.
12. especially when my husband makes them.
13. kathy's better-than-sex cake.
14. all of my new amazing records.
15. wearing my husband's clothes.
16. handmade jewelery.
17. singing greeting cards.
18. being so in love with my husband.
19. quoting How I Met Your Mother.
20. every single day.
21. skipping.
22. good book recommendations.
23. anthropologie's window displays.
24. headbands from here.
25. another amazing gig poster artist.
26. can't stop listening to animal collective.
27. martha's ruffle tower cake.
28. the above mantra via ffffound.
29. + that it forced me to focus on the good things this week.
30. the legendary coffee drinker {ME} print via artsyville.
31. is it possible for me to grateful for three prints this week?
32. yes, I think so which is why I am adding this lovely piece {+ I am grateful for that fact}.
33. good lighting.
34. really good mexican food with my lovelies.
35. + picking up right where we left off.
36. the my life story diary via charles&marie {love}.
37. pretty rooms like this one.
38. justwatchthesky tumblr + it's amazing tunes.
39. 75 degree weather {yes, i'm serious}.
40. enjoying said 75 degree weather {cruising around town with my sunroof open + music blaring}.
41. + the feeling that this gives me.
42. this friendly reminder.
43. pretty skirts.
44. silhouettes.
45. anything that is color coordinated.
46. getting lost in a book.
47. Christian Siriano's collection for Payless {yes, Payless}.
48. this adorable bag from Pat & Cake.
49. Oliver People's glasses.
50. + the coincidence that I need some new glasses.
51. flickr pro.
52. this month's GQ.
53. the cover + story in particular.
54. pretty calendars.
55. canvas grocery bags.
56. our 9" rainfall showerhead.
57. this video that pretty much sums up facebook.
58. really good salad dressing.
59. girls night out. or in.
60. wilco.
61. Marais USA's amazing shoes.
62. + adorable designers.
63. mgmt's awesomeness.
64. driving around until the end of your song.
65. even though you are already where you need to be.
66. my new bag from the husband.
67. + thinking about getting the professional massage that he got me.
68. sweet little baby clothes.
69. opening the windows in the house.
70. sleeping until the last possible second.

{{catching up from last week}}.

And I have to throw in a couple that I'm not so grateful for this week....

::Husband elbowing me in my face in his sleep last night.
::The virus that has taken over our home computer.

Hmmm.... maybe the new macbook will be ours sooner than we thought {which would definitely be finding grace in big things; our bank account, however, doesn't feel the same}.

currently listening to :: time to pretend by mgmt.


Kristy said...

LOVE everything on this list! :)

leah @maritalbless said...

What a fabulous quote.

Tony has been disturbing my sleep the last two nights as well. Very frustrating!